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Twenty Years of Visual Cultures and Curatorial Studies
A Perspective on the Formation of Professional Roles in the Art System

Over the past two decades, the art system has embraced, and indeed fostered, an increasingly pronounced bipolarity: that of the artist-curator. Despite the emergence of a greater focus on a horizontal process of artistic creation (as in the last edition of Documenta) and the realisation that multiple professionals participate in the chorus-like development of complex […]

Learning to Teach Visual Art
A Journey into the Horizon of a Complex System

Is making art something that can be taught? Many say no. There is proof aplenty of this among Italian artists, if we consider how many autodidacts there are in the visual arts sector even in this country alone: from Alberto Burri to Giuseppe Capogrossi and Cesare Pietroiusti, all of whom trained as medical doctors, to […]

Towards the Future
Some Reflections on the Role of University Education and Contemporary Art

For more than a year and a half, the Fondazione Quadriennale di Roma has been promoting the Inter-University Network project, which is designed to foster exchanges between the academic world and the contemporary art scene. The project considers professors, researchers and students as its privileged interlocutors, and it already has a diverse record of activities. […]

Studies on Colonialism and the Visual Arts
Notes for a Work in Progress

ForewordStudies on Italian colonialism are today one of the most active areas of reflection in contemporary research, with increased collaboration between the academic and institutional spheres and the visual arts. This especially has to do with artists connected to research-based practices, who have been working almost in parallel to scholars, repeatedly bringing together both the […]

If It Isn’t Radical, It Isn’t Pedagogy
On Didactic Models, and Their Failure

Browsing through the most important, and less orthodox, experiences and theories in the modern history of education in Europe, it soon becomes clear that the best versions of pedagogy have always stemmed from models that are alternative, if not outright antagonistic, to the ones administered by the social construct. Which is to say — as […]

On Education and Its Alternatives
A Wager on Polytechnics of the Arts

Jean-François Lyotard’s famous text, The Postmodern Condition, published in 1979 — famous as a manifesto of the new spirit of the times, even though it originated as a research paper commissioned by the Quebec government — hypothesised that knowledge was changing status, as western societies “enter what is known as the post-industrial age and cultures […]

All the Streets in the World
Marinella Senatore from Video to Performance

Thirteen years have passed since that vehicle with a megaphone passed through the streets of Enna recruiting “non-professional actors and extras of all ages” for a short film by Marinella Senatore. Summoned for a popular casting session at the Teatro Garibaldi, the citizens of the Sicilian town were called upon to collaborate in the writing […]

The “Neodimension” as a Participatory Space
Behind the Work of Giuseppe Stampone

Giuseppe Stampone is best-known for his figurative works with a ballpoint pen, in which he mixes and reworks images from art and not from art, from the distant and recent past. He uses them to create atmospheres of conceptual magical realism, while never failing to address the socio-political issues of the present day, such as […]