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Between Criticism and Information
Magazines in Changing Times

Laura Cherubini Magazines are doubtless born of a critical impulse. But we need to understand what is meant by criticism. First of all, it is important to say that in order to write about something, one has to know it thoroughly. So, the first thing that needs doing is to study the object of inquiry: […]

Story of a Schizophrenia
From Critic to Curator: A Changing Species

Roberto Pinto «The art critic is an endangered species»[1]Hal Foster In recent years, the marginalisation of the role of art criticism has been discussed at length in many different settings, indeed sometimes in heated terms. This is a very real problem, and we may even venture the hypothesis that no one in today’s society can […]

Communicating Vessels
On the Relationship between Criticism and Art History

Stefania Zuliani In 2002, October — the magazine founded by Rosalind Krauss and Annette Michelson in the mid-1970s with the stated intention of overturning the formalist canon which then still dominated American criticism — chose to celebrate its hundredth issue with a round table discussion with a surprisingly anodyne title. ‘The Present Conditions of Art […]

Building Consensus
A Brief History of Forced Corporatism

Angela Vettese What is art criticism, what is it for, what are its methods, what potential does it have, and why is it that when a polemic arises ─ as we recently saw in Il Sole 24 Ore ─ things immediately become so inflamed? Art criticism emerged only recently ─ a couple of centuries ago, […]

Conflicts of Disinterest
A Conversation with Andrea Bellini

Andrea Cortellessa Andrea Cortellessa: It is striking that Artribune declared your Storie dell’arte contemporanea (jointlywith a text by Marco Mancuso) the ‘best essay’ of the year; and that also in Il Giornale dell’Arte’s ‘best and worst of 2023’ Laura Cherubini pointed to your work as ‘book of the year’. After all, it is obvious, to […]

The Eyes of Others
A Counterpart Perspective

Luca Bertolo In his article ‘Come siamo silenziosi sullo stato dell’arte’ (‘How Silent We Are on the State of Art’),[1] Gian Maria Tosatti points an accusing finger at the meagre crop of critical texts dedicated to the visual arts in Italy. A few days later came the first two replies. Christian Caliandro provided a list […]

Criticism and the Negative
Some Notes on a Crisis

Stefano Chiodi What Happened to Art Criticism? This question was the title of a 2003 pamphletby James Elkins,[1] which has lost none of its topicality more than two decades since. For the American art historian, criticism has definitively lost its role as a privileged interpreter of artistic novelties and appears reduced to the validation of […]

Watchman, What Is Left of the Night?
Or, Critique of (Critical?) Criticism

Nicolas Martino In an article published in a Sunday edition of Il Sole 24 Ore last September, Gian Maria Tosatti questioned, among other things, the state of art criticism in Italy, provoking a series of reactions and retorts both in that newspaper and other dailies.[1] A debate: hallelujah! This is an important issue and — […]

The Void on the Walls
The Disappearance of Art from Middle-Class Lives

Lorenzo Madaro In his day, Renato Guttuso was known (and recognised) even by blue-collar workers. But who among the public totally detached from active connection to the art of our time knows Francesco Vezzoli, or is familiar with the imaginary of any other successful Italian artist? What has happened to the graphic works by Bruno […]