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How do artists live?

The other face of the system, between opting for freedom and economic hardships

Designing Wildness

A Reflection on Deep Swamp by Tega Brain Riccardo Venturi Deep Swamp (2018-2021) is the title of a work by the Australian artist Tega Brain, recently shown at the exhibition Ti con Zero, one of the Tre stazioni per Arte-Scienza curated by Paola Bonani, Francesca Rachele Oppedisano and Laura Perrone at Rome’s Palazzo delle Esposizioni. […]

The Third Homeland Mirror-conversation with Francis Offman

Igiaba Scego We are two artists. I, Igiaba Scego, write literary texts of different forms and origins. Francis Offman is a visual artist who uses salvaged or donated materials for his works. We both carry two countries on our shoulders, two continents. We are Europe, but we are, although in a different way, Africa. Francis […]

Real Landscapes

Notes for the definition of a portrait of Italy, based on the work of some artists with a social-realist style

The return of the repressed: Carla Lonzi in the present

Raffaella Perna More than twenty years have passed since Emanuela De Cecco, in the introduction to her book Contemporanee, co-written with Gianni Romano, highlighted the lack of attention that Italian art critics had paid to post-war women’s art. At that time, the author identified a “double absence”[1], that of women artists from exhibition catalogues and […]